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Tittle: Daddy Days Out
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: KangTeuk, KyuMin, EunHae, YeWook, HanChul, Sibum ninja! Shindong, Zhoumi and Henry
Genre: Family, Chaptered
Warning: Unbeta-ed,YAOI [Boy X Boy], Mpreg
Summary: The story is based on real Korea new variety show, 'Dad, where are you going?' The story will tell you about how the daddies spent their time alone with their kid without getting any help from the mommies. It all started when one of the daddy [Kangin] planning to give his wife/partner a day off from taking care of their kids, so he decide to ask the other daddies to do the same since their wives are pretty much on the same situation. So, they settle up a trip for the daddies and the kids to have some bounding time to each other since almost all the time they were busy working at the office.

Super Junior is not an idol group here, they just bunch of close best friend who happily live with their own partner and kids. There are 15 people in the gang, but for the further on we only focus on the 12 people or may I said 6 couple with their kids. Here is the profile of each family starting from the oldest one.
KangTeuk Family:
*Kim Youngwoon / Kangin [Appa]
*Park Jungsu / Leeteuk [Umma]
Children :
*Kim Jungin [Boy / 8 y.o] the oldest out all the kids on the Super Junior gang alongside with Kyunghee whom a few months younger than him. He act more mature than his age, because he feel that he must take care of his dongsaeng since he is the oldest of them all.
*Kim Youngin [Girl / 5 y.o] She is a sweet girl. She might be really young, but her ability to talk is the same level as her brother, which is mean she talks a lot.
HanChul Family:
*Hankyung [ Appa]
*Kim Heechul [Umma]
*Han Kyunghee [Boy / 8 y.o] He is the only child on the family. He speaks two languages because his father is Chinese and his mother is Korean. He have the diva attitude, sometimes he could bossing everyone around like a little devil but sometimes he will act like an angel and be sweet to everyone around him. He is one of the oldest kid in SJ alongside with Jungin, but because Jungin mature personality it feels like they are not on the same age.
EunHae Family :
*Lee Hyukjae / Eunhyuk [Appa]
*Lee Donghae [Umma]
*Lee Dongjae [Boy / 7 y.o] A super hyperactive kid, love to fooling around but in adorable way. He often follow wherever Kyunghee go and will obediently do what kyunghee ask him to do. Love to try all the extreme and crazy things. He just so overprotective with KyuMin and seems have a little crush on her. Best of buddy with Jaewon. The only child in the family, sometimes he is very gullible.
SiBum family:
*Choi Siwon [Appa]
*Kim Kibum [Umma]
Children :
*Choi Jaewon [Boy / 7 y.o] A super religious and very calm boy. Best of buddy with Dongjae even they have a super opposite character. In terms of look, he deserve to get the 1st position in SJ kids, indeed having mix of his parents good look making him one of the most handsome kid you ever see. A very protective oppa to his younger sister
*Choi Jiwon [girl / 5 y.o] nothing much about her, because she doesn't talk a lot and very obedient with what her parents said. Because of her quiet personality, Siwon and Kibum often lost her because she doesn't even say anything if she was left out or want to go somewhere without them.

KyuMin Family:
*Cho Kyuhyun [Appa]
*Lee Sungmin [Umma]
*Cho Sungkyu [girl / 6 y.o] The typical of daddy girl, cause kyuhyun have been spoiling her a lot. She might be the oldest kid in Cho family, but on the SJ all of the older kid is protecting her like a real big brother especially Dongjae. She is a very cute girl and has a lot of aegyo. Her personality just so adorable and it will make you want to put her in your pocket and bring her home. Pink maniac.
*Cho Sunghyun [boy / 4 y.o] A genius boy, he might be only 4 years old, but he can solve a 4th grade math problem easily thanks to his father smart brain. He is a game addict, well also thanks to his father who introduced him to an addicting game in such a young age. A lazy kid, and sometimes he can be a little bit evil to his friends.
YeWook family:
*Kim Jongwoon /Yesung [Appa]
*Kim Ryeowook [Umma]
Children :
*Kim Jongwook [Boy / 5 y.o] a very bubbly kid. When you first meet him you must think that this kid is weird because he keep asking question to the people he meet and poke their face. A sweet and charming boy. He wills soon going to be a Hyung / Oppa cause currently his wookie umma is 5 months pregnant with his dongsaeng.
The rest of the gang member are
*Shindong who currently engaged with his longtime girlfriend Nari
*Zhoumi a Chinese boy who often hanging out with KyuMin family and baby sit them.
*Henry another cute Chinese boy who love to play with the SJ kids. The youngest out all of them.

Tags: donghae, eunhyuk, fics: daddy days out, hankyung, heechul, kangin, kibum, kyuhyun, leeteuk, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: kangin/leeteuk, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, pairing: siwon/kibum, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, ryeowook, siwon, sungmin, super junior, yesung

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