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I [First Trip]

Tittle: Daddy Days Out
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: KangTeuk, KyuMin, EunHae, YeWook, HanChul, Sibum ninja! Shindong, Zhoumi and Henry
Genre: Family, Chaptered
Warning: Unbeta-ed,YAOI [Boy X Boy], Mpreg
Summary: The story is based on real Korea new variety show, 'Dad, where are you going?' The story will tell you about how the daddies spent their time alone with their kid without getting any help from the mommies. It all started when one of the daddy [Kangin] planning to give his wife/partner a day off from taking care of their kids, so he decide to ask the other daddies to do the same since their wives are pretty much on the same situation. So, they settle up a trip for the daddies and the kids to have some bounding time to each other since almost all the time they were busy working at the office.

Finally it’s d-day of daddies and kid vacation day. Since it's the 1st time the daddies going to a trip alone with their kids, the mommies are on their biggest worries so they suggest if the daddies should just bring their first child with them first. See how it will go. If it succeeds, then they can bring along the siblings with them on the next trip. Every family seems busy this morning, even only the.daddy who's going but all the mommies *well not all honestly* are surely help them prepare and packing for their kid and husband.
[KangTeuk's House]
"So you got everything on the list, dear?" leeteuk asked his son in motherly tone while putting his not so big white backpack on his son back after he finished his early breakfast.
"Yes umma" the kid said
"don't need to worry too much teukie ah" said his husband who seems understand how he feel
"It's your first time spending a night without me, of course I'm deadly worried"
Kangin kissed his wife forehead "don't worry, we'll be fine. Beside Jungin is a big boy now, not going to be too much bothersome for us"
"I know. I know, but remember if something going wrong, just call me oke"
"Understand my lovely duck. It's only a night. You also better be well with Yongin alone, oh is she still asleep?"
"Ck… Yes, it’s still 7 in the morning, so she still asleep in her room. Want me to wake her up so she can bid farewell to his daddy and oppa?"
"No need. Just let her sleep. Come on big boy. Let's get going!" Kangin said, one hand holding up their luggage, and his other hand holding on his son hand ready to go
"Bye umma! I'm going to miss you" He kissed his umma cheeck one last time before he go out from the house
"It’s only a day, but I'm going to miss you too tonight. Have fun with appa okay! You must be good to the dongsaeng there. Okay!" Leeteuk hug his son tight and poke his nose with his finger and the boy just nods obidently from what his mama told.
"We'll going now" kangin said, interupting the sweet moment and to prevent any nag from the latter, he hurridly kiss the other lips as fast as he can.
"Yah! Jungin is here"
"So? He seen us plenty of times. Hahahaha. We really going now bye"
and off they go
[HanChul’s House]
Weird, it’s already 6 in the morning and yet the house is still quiet as ever, the only sound is coming from the kitchen where Hankyung is cooking their family favorite breakfast Beijing Fried Rice. After he finished cooking the breakfast, he goes to the bathroom to wash up and wake his son to get ready for their trip that day. Where is Heechul? Well, being a bratty wife he is. He could chop anyone off if ever someone dares to break his beauty sleep, no exception for the lovely husband and son. That’s why Hankyung is the only one who already awake in the morning. But even with that so not good attitude, Heechul is the most perfect person for Hankyun and he love him very much and so does Heechul to Hankyung.
“Kyunghee ah… Wake up…. We need to get going” Hankyung shake his son body who still soundly asleep in his bed
“come one… We’re gonna be late”
“5 minutes Baba”
“That’s it young man. I’m going to carry you to the bathroom now” and off he go, carrying his only son who haven’t yet open his eyes to bathroom and make him sit in the close toilet “now open your mouth, let me brush your teeth” and then there he is, brushing his son teeth while the little boy eyes still won’t open
“auchhh. Baba! It’s cold!” Kyunghee finally open his eyes after his father wash his face with a very cold water
“who’s at fault? You’re the one who doesn’t want to open your eyes!” he nags in his mother language “now, finish washing up then get dressed. Then have some breakfast before we go. I’m going to check our belonging”
After they finished their breakfast and ready to go, finally the princess on the house is awake
“Hannie… Why didn’t you wake me up? You’re going now?” heechul asked while seeing his husband and son is all set up to go to their trip
“well, I just don’t want to bother you rella”
“you should at last bid me a farewell before you leave. Kyunghee-ah. Be good okay!” he pat his son head
“Of course Mama, I’m always be good and awesome everywhere”
“That’s my boy. And you! Better take care this little diva well, or else” heechul pointing at hankyung face
“Okay Okay” hankyung kissed heechul’s cheek “we’ll get going now. You’re Beijing Fried Rice is on the table chul”
“Yayyy.. Thanks” Now heechul turn to peck his husband lips “Bye,,, Have good trip!” He said before the two out of the house
[EunHae’s House]
It’s totally different situation from HanChul’s house. Eunhyuk and Donghae might only have one child, but this morning it feels like they have 5 kids in the house.
“appa! Hurry...” little Dongjae can’t hide his excitement today, he keeps jumping around the house like a little ball of energy He already up since early in the morning, and he prepare for the trip today.
“Umma, should I bring my favorite nemo plushy too?” he asked his mother, donghae while the latter is putting some stuff in his son and husband bag
“why? do you want to bring it?”
His son just nod happily
“Okay, you can bring it”
“Yeay” he run into his mom embrace “thank you umma” then kiss his mother cheek
“Yah, dongjae ah.. You seem extremely happy today” Hyukjae, who just came out from the bathroom said after seeing his son jumping happily in front of his mother
“Of course, we’re going on a trip today!”
“So you’re happy going on a trip with me?” hyukjae mess his son hair and slightly touch with the little boy answer
“hemm. Not really”
“Sungkyu is going too. So, I’m definitely happy”
“Yah! So, it’s all because of Sungkyu?” The little boy just nods his head happily and his father just can’t believe he lost to his best friend daughter
“Fine, then I shouldn’t go then. You just go by yourselves” hyukjae now pretending to be mad
Dongjae hurriedly run to his father and hug his leg after hearing what his father says “appa~” dongjae use his aegyo now “don’t be mad… I’m sorry”
Seeing their father and son cute act in the morning donghae can’t help but laugh
“Umma.. Why are you laughing?” dongjae asked while still clinging in his father’s leg
“you two just so funny. Hahaha. Now, hurry up wears your jacket and backpack dongjae ah or you’re going to be late, and you won’t see Sungkyu”
After what his mother told him, he let go his father leg and run into his room to grab his jacket and wear it. He just totally forgot about what he’s going to do a moment a go.
“hae~ why are you interrupting us?” now, hyukjae turns to whine to his wife “he about to persuade me, using his aegyo”
“sorry sorry. I love to watch his aegyo too, but time is running. You should better finished your breakfast and get going”
[SiBum’s House]
They are having their family usual routine on weekend, having a breakfast on early morning. The only difference is, they'll not going to have the usual weekend morning walk to the park this morning, because Siwon and Jaewon have to go to their trip today.
"Mommy.. are you sure you don't want to come with us?" jaewon asked just before he left the house with his father
"No sweetheart" kibum bent low to his son height "it's you and your daddy vacation. mommy shouldn't come"
"But it's grandfather penthouse we are going to. So you have the permission to go"
"I'll go with you next time okay? Take care" kibum kiss his son forehead
"We'll be going now" now Siwon turn to kiss his wife lips
"Hmmm. Take care. If anything goes wrong just call me okay"
"Okay sweetie. Jiwon ah, I'll promise to take you on the next trip okay" siwon pick his daughter up and give her a kiss on the cheek
"Daddy, I want to kiss Jiwon too"
"Alright alright big brother" siwon put her daughter down, so his brother can kiss her too
"Jiwon ah, Oppa we'll be gone for a day okay! You should take care of mommy when me and daddy are on our trip undestand!" the younger girl just nod her head.
“ bye" he kissed his younger sister cheek one last time and off he go disappeared from the two person sight when the door closed open
"Well, it's only you and me Jiwon ah. Want walks to the park and grab something warm?" Kibum asked his daughter and as usual no words come from the little girl, only nods from her head signing that she's agree.
[KyuMin's House]
Pretty much the same situation with KangTeuk's house. The only difference is here, you can see kyuhyun walking around from his bedroom to the dining room for about a hundred times already since he wakes up in the morning. The young father is just so anxious about his first trip with his lovely daughter and he doesn't want anything goes wrong so he keeps checking everything that they'll bring since a week ago.
"Minnie... where do you put Sungkyu's pink jacket?" and this on the nnth question he asked to his wife this morning
"Oh. I'll put it on the sofa since Sungkyu will wear it later" he answers his husband question while still brushing his daughter long hair. "There you go. Done... aigooo my daughter is so pretty" he pinch his daughter cheek and look at the two cute ponytails that he just made on Kyumin's hair "you should show your appa" he suggest his daughter, and in the matter of second kyumin already running to where his appa might be to show him hee new pretty hair style
"Yes my princess... " he pick her daughter up

"Do you like my hair? Umma did it for me"
"I love it, it's soo cute princess"
"Kyu.. you should chill up a little bit"
Kyuhyun look up to the person who just enter the room "I have check everything that you pack 10 times already kyu, no need to worry"
"But minnie..."
"Stst."sungmin put his index finger in front of his husband lips to shut him "now, you'll better get ready or you'll be late. you sure don't want to see Kangin hyun mad right?"
"Yes. It’s the worst nightmare ever after Heechul hyung of course"
"Now, come on princess. Let's put your jacket and shoes and so you’ll ready to" sungmin take his 6 y.o daughter from his father hand.
[YeWook’s house]
“wookie.. are you sure you want me to go?” Yesung asked his for the hundred times since Kangin have the idea of this trip
“I told you countless time already. Yes, you can go”
“but, you’re pregnant” well, apparently Yesung is deadly worried about leaving his pregnant wife alone in the house even it just for two days and one night trip
“I’m only on my 5 months, it’s not like I’ll be having a birth in anytime soon”
“but, what if something bad happen to you?”
“I’ll be very careful when you gone”
“but, what if you want to eat something weird”
“well, Henry is always ready to help me”
“but, what if you feel lonely”
“that’s not a problem at all, I just need to call teukie hyung, heechul hyung, donghae hyung, sungmin hyun and kibumie to come over”
“okay, but what if…”
“I’ll be fine!” ryeowook said half shouting, he start to get annoyed by his husband never ending anxiety about living him alone for the trip “I’m sorry baby, it’s just…you don’t need to worry about me so much, I’m okay. You should enjoy your trip with jaewon, you barely have some time alone with him right? now it’s the good opportunity for you to get closer to him”
“okay… I’ll understand. But if anything happen just call me okay”
Ryeowook just nod what his husband said, and he kissed his husband lips passionately
“umma! Appa!”
Clearly the little boy voice ruining their intimate moment, and they broke the kiss as fast as they can.
“jaewoon ah… are you all set up? Ready to go with appa?” ryeowook asked his son question, preventing his on to ask any question about what his parents just did
“yes.. I’m ready now”
“okay then I’ll see you tomorrow” he kiss his son forehead and pat his head before they’re heading to the door
II [Walk in the Forest]
[Note: this sign (******) means it happen at the same time. Sorry for confusing you]
“You got to be kidding me” Kyuhyun said as soon as he gets off from the car after they park their car in the parking lot “hyung…. Why didn’t you tell me we have to walk to your father penthouse?” Well, of course kyuhyun will be mad, since he is the one who bring the most suitcase here
“Didn’t Kangin hyung told you before that we’re going to the forest?” Siwon said, as he is innocent. Well, apparently the 1st destination of their trip is Siwon’s father penthouse who located in the middle of the forest. Siwon suggest this penthouse because it will give them different scenery from their usual life at the big city, beside kids never went to the forest before so it will be their first experience staying out in the middle of the forest in the penthouse without their mother.
“but hyung…I thought we still can reach it by the car” kyuhyun whined once again
” You know my father love extreme thing, so he built the penthouse in the middle of the forest so he can have some adventure time while walking in to the penthouse. Besides, it’s spring already. Wouldn’t be great to have a walk in the forest?”
“Now, how am I supposed to walk there when I have so many bags” now, the youngest father is on dilemma
“Hahahaha” kangin laugh after seeing the magnae current state “who told you to bring so many things? We only staying for one night”
“but it’s all sungkyu stuff!” he try to give a proper reason
“ck.. yeah, I bet she have no idea that she bring that stuff on cause her spoilt father is the one who wants to bring it” Yesung blurted out
“Oh shut up yesung hyung!”
“Yah… Language young man. Kids are here” Kangin, the 'appa' of the group is scolding the magnae "you better leave half your things in the car"
"But hyung..."
"Unless you want to walk to the forest with very heavy bags and we surely won't help you carry it"
"Okay, I'll bring the necessary thing only"
After a good 15 minutes waiting for kyuhyun to preparing what the necessary things he want to bring, they start walking into the forest together.
"Kids, you have to stick together okay. Nobody is walking ahead, we walks together and follow uncle Siwon direction. Since your dad is busy carrying all the stuff, you all should look into each other so nobody will get lost, understand?" Kangin instructed the kids
"Okay!" The kids said in unison
"Jungin ah.. you should take care of your dongsaeng okay!" He ordered his son
"Okay Appa!"
And off they go, into the penthouse in the middle of the forest.
"Sungkyu ah... here, grab Oppa's hand so you won't be lost" dongjae said and offering his hand to sungkyu. Being said to have a little crush on the only girl right now, he's been super excited since the time he knew that he'll be on a trip with the little girl.
“okay.. Oppa, do you like me hair? Sungmin umma did it for me” she shows him his two cute ponytails
The little boy just nod, “You’re pretty sungkyu~” and he hugs the girl
“Yah..Yah… Dongjae… You should ask my permission first if you want to hug sungkyu” Kyuhyun, the protective father who’s been standing behind them all this time is scolding the boy after seeing what he have done to his daughter “yah… you understand?”
Being an innocent boy dongjae is, he just smiles to kyuhyun and start walk hand to hand with the grumpy uncle daughter far ahead him.
"Dongjae ah.. wait for me~" jaewon, being the so called best friend with dongjae is feeling left out because the other boy attention is only focus on the only girl here since he get off from his car, totally forgetting that his best of buddy is also there with them.
"Oh sorry sorry, I forgot" dongjae apologize to his best friend
"Yeah... you only care about Sungkyu" Jaewon protesting
"Oppa..."sungkyu offering her other hand to jaewon "let's walk together" she said cutely
"Yah.." yesung nudge eunhyuk arm and pointing at the three kids whose holding hand together "look at them! Aren’t they cute?"
"He even chooses sungkyu over his own dad" eunhyuk once again pretending to be hurt
"Hahaha. Like father like son" yesung teased
"Hey! I'm not like that!"
"Yeah whatever. I have this strong feeling that you and kyuhyun will became a family"
“Baba! When will we arrive?” Kyunghee asked his father
“Why? are you tired?”
“yes, and I want you to carry me” here we go, kyunghee start to act like a diva
“I can’t. I’m bringing our luggage, seriously what kind a stuff are you bringing? Why is it so heavy”
“My favorite bubble bath, my skin treatment, my favorite pillow, my favorite snack, all my favorite dvd, and so many things”
Hankyung stop his step and stare at his son unbelievably “WHAT??? Who told you to bring that much stuff? No wonder is just so damn heavy”
“I didn’t. Mama chullie is the one who pack all the stuff. He said I’ll need all of those” Kyunghee just shriek his shoulder
“bu..bu..but…” now hankyung starting to get speechless “ahh. Never mind. Just continue your walk”
“Okay” he continue his way, walking just right behind Jungin and Jongwook
‘Like mother like son. Why do surround by two evil divas? And the worst part is, I love both of them so much’ Hankyung said inside his mind
"Jongwook. here, hold hyung hand so you won’t be lost" as the oldest kid on the group, he must take care of his dongsaeng, especially the magnae, Jongwook.
"Why?" Jongwook asked with his innocent smile
"Because you're going to be lost if you’re not going to hold my hand"
"Yah... " tired of jongwoon nonstop silly question, he just grab the younger hand and walk together. After a few minutes, Jungin feels like something is poking his face, and turn out it was jongwook who's been poking his face with bright and innocent smile on his face and seems like poking the older face is not most enjoyable things right now rather than looking around the forest.
"Huff... now I completely understand why uncle kyuhyun said that uncle yesung is weird" jungin said to himself while looking at the little boy who've been poking his face since a few minutes ago.
"EVERYBODY STOP!" Eunhyuk shout all of sudden

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