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Unconventional Solution

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & Siwon)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, YAOI
Genre: Marriage

Kyuhyun and Sungmin are married couple, they have been married for 6 months already. After living and sharing apartment together with Kyuhyun’s roommate Siwon, they decide to move out and buy their own apartment for their own family in the future. But there is a big problem that Kyuhyun just found out when they try to ask for a loan to buy the apartment and that lead them to their biggest argument ever, then Sungmin come up with an unconventional solution to that problem. Will the plan ever work up? Will this solution have any effect on their marriage?

Basically, the story is from one of the episode of American TV Comedy series HIMYM. But, I change it into KyuMin version with a little bit of Siwon and Yesung-Ryeowook.

Hope you enjoy!

“did you seriously want to buy an apartment?” ryeowook asked his best friend after shipping his Frappuccino in front of him when they finally have time to catch up on each other on their favorite café in Seoul
“Yup, we already do some apartment hunting since last week and it seems like we already found the one that we like. It was perfect for us, it was near the han river, the neighborhood is good and it seems near to our working place”
“are you sure you want to this?”
“yeah, of course. Kyuhyun new job pays really well, we are married couple so it is the perfect time to buy a new apartment and start a new family”
“but, how about the credit card bill? Did you tell kyuhyun yet?”
Sungmin smile turn into a frown all of sudden, ryeowook is his best friend, he shared everything to him include this little secret about his huge credit card debt that he haven’t told about to his very dear husband. Sungmin is a shopaholic, over this past few years he really does shops a lot, with 5 credit cards in his hand and two huge wardrobe that seems overloaded with his stuff, he really does have a massive credit card debt.
“no, haven’t told about that yet”
“you have to tell kyuhyun min, he is your husband” ryeowook try to pursue sungmin
“no, this is my problem. I’m going to solve it by myself, kyuhyun doesn’t have to know it”
“how can you afford an apartment if you have those huge bills waiting for you. At least he can help you pay it half ”
“no, I said no. This is my fault, and I’m going to solve it my way. I think my salary as a kindergarten teacher for a year enough to cover it all, beside Kyuhyun just love this apartment and I just can’t let him down just because of my credit card debt”
Ryeowook gave him a hesitate look at first but he finally give up “okay, do whatever you want min, but remember you still have to tell Kyuhyun sooner or later”
On the very next day when Kyuhyun and Sungmin goes to the bank to get a loan, but sungmin suddenly start to freak out and act weird when they said that they have to check all their credit card history which leads Kyuhyun know all about Sungmin huge credit card debt and that also makes their application to get some loan get in the air immediately.
Everything is out of place, there is some broken glass and peanut butter on the floor, and sure is the apartment condition is pretty similar with what you saw in the movie where the super hero is just finished beating up the bad guy. That is what Siwon get when he just gets home on his and kyuhyun’s share apartment that day.
“Jesus chirst… What the hell happen here?” Siwon try to search for the most possible culprit of that mess, but found no one inside. Seems like the two people who are responsible for this is gone or maybe continuing what they doing somewhere else.
“now I know why Kyuhyun should move out from here” Yesung who have been standing beside Siwon with his boyfriend ryeowook stare in a awe
“oh my god, what happen? Did someone rob you guys?” ryeowook gasp while covering his mouth
“no, it’s just sungmin and kyuhyun”
“what did they do? Did they fight?” yesung asked
“yup, and it seems it’s a huge one”
“w..what did they fighting about?” yesung asked
“I think I knew what they’re fighting about” ryeowook said out of the blue “quick, call them. We have to find the two of them”
After a couple minutes trying to reach the two, but they got no result at all. As their best friends, the three of the of them really worried with this couple, the worst possibility is not the separation for the couple and absolutely none of them want that to happen.
“press the re-dial on the home phone, maybe we had a clue where they’re going”
But the three of them are freaking out when they hear the receptionist of a divorce lawyer.
“There you are, we’ve been looking for you man!” Siwon and Yesung sat in front Kyuhyun who is sitting alone in their favorite bar with a glass of scotch in front of him
“where do you think I’m going” he said with a dull expression
“we afraid that you’re already on the divorce lawyer”
“hyung!” Siwon shoot a deadly glare to Yesung for saying such a thing when they still haven’t find out what actually happen between them
“WHAT? Why would I go to the divorce lawyer? Yes, sungmin and I have a fight, but divorce? That’s insane”
Then, siwon and yesung tell him about what they found when they press the re-dial button on their phone apartment, and of course they thought that Kyuhyun is the one who call it since ryeowook told them about Sungmin credit card problem.
“I will never in a million year I fill a divorce to Sungmin, he’s the love of my life. I just need some time alone after that huge fight”
“I should call ryeowook, maybe he find where sungmin is so you two could solve this problem soon” Yesung said
“yes, hurry. So I can have the apartment just the way before”
“Lee Sungmin?” ryeowook stops and catch his breath, it seems like ryeowook have been running around to search for this cute boy in front of him whom apparently is sitting nicely eating so many sweets on his favorite bakery in town. “damn, I should know that you are here all along”
“what?” he said with mouth full of cake and a strawberry cream all over his lips
“Okay, I just get straight to the point. I know that Kyuhyun already knew about the debt, we all knew that you have this huge fight on the apartment, but..” ryeowook take a deep breath “divorce is a rough choice”
Sungmin put down his forks and stop eating. He stare at ryeowook for a while “it’s not what you think it is. It’s just…” sigh “ryeowook-ah, it’s for the best. I think this is the best way for this problem”
“Hey babe” yesung kiss ryeowook cheek as soon as he and sungmin arrive at the bar where he and siwon find kyuhyun
“look, I think we should leave. Let’s give Kyuhyun and Sungmin some privacy”
When the three of them leave, there is moment of silent between the married couple
"Kyu..." sungmin try to break the silent
Kyuhyun hurriedly cut him out before he can say any further "ming, please don't leave me. I love you so much, please don't do this to me, don't do this to us"
At first sungmin is pretty dense with what kyuhyun just said but he just remember what ryeowook just told him at the café, so he understand what he mean quickly.
"Oh kyu, no.. no way I'm going to leave you. I love you so much, it could kill me if we ever break up from each other"
"But.. why did you plan to divorce me?"
"I was planning to solve it my way at first, but I think it's not really a good idea. You know, after we fight I've been thinking about our relationship, you always have been drag down because of me. And seeing how happy and excited you are about the apartment I feel really bad. So I decide that we should get divorce by law so you can ask for a loan just by yourself without checking out on my credit card history as your spouse, and then you can get the apartment. But we still technically married, we just get divorce in the law"
After sungmin done explain what he have been planning to do for his husband to get the loan, kyuhyun just get up from his seat and give sungmin a really tight bear hug.
"No, don't. don't get divorce even just by the law. I mean it. I wouldn't mind getting down by your problem, "When I married you, I married all your problems, too. I love you so much, let's get through this together okay? Promise me you will share your entire problem with me"
Sungmin just tear up hearing kyuhyun sweet and convincing word to him. He knows that he loves him, but he didn't know that he love him this deep.
"I love you too kyu, yes I promise that I will share everything to you. We got nothing to hide now, but how about the apartment? It’s your dream house"
"Apartment can wait, maybe we should look for an apartment for rent first then after we're done with all your debt, we should save for better apartment than that one. The most important thing is I got you by my side"
Kyuhyun then kissed sungmin deeply, "hey, you tasted like strawberry. Did you eat strawberry cheesecake before coming here?"
sungmin just giggle with kyuhyun question, instead of answering, he just shut kyuhyun lips with his again.

Tags: fics: oneshot, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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