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It's all SM Fault

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: Eunhyuk)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, YAOI
Genre: Oneshot, Humor

Kyuhyun didn’t like when SM keeps bugging him to promote this rookie girl from their company. He even hate the media more for keep putting his name on every that girl articles with a weird purpose, because it’s makes Kyuhyun seems to be a bad guy who always chase girls around him. and also because of that he terribly worried about how this thing will impact his relationship with Sungmin, because he swear to god he is one man girl, or should he said one man man.

“There! Done! Hopefully it will shut the people up” Curse the magnae of Super Junior loudly to his lifeless phone after he finished typing and posting something through his innocent phone
“what the heck happen?” eunhyuk, who apparently the only person that stuck with this grumpy magnae at the dorm now asked while chewing some strawberry Ppeppero that donghae bought for him this morning.
“it’s just, our company who eagerly promote their new kids with whatever ways it takes and the all the stupid media who always says whatever fuck they want to say?”
"New kids? who? Exo? oh boy oh boy. you should get used to it. They are our company new gold kids now" he said casually when he join the magnae on the couch
"No, not exo. I'm getting used to them sticking us and the other groups on almost every single thing that they do"
"Then who?"
"You know that trainer kid name seulgi that SM keeps bugging me and Sulli to mention her on Radio Star a few months ago?"
"Oh, that kid? yeah I remember. SM did it good, because you and her is on the hot search on the next day. What's with her anyway?"
"SM put her video today"
"Really?" eunhyuk seems shocked cause its looks like he does not have any idea at all
"Yeah, and they keep bugging me to tweet something about her, or about them"
"Woaaa. Then, did you tweet something?"
"Yeah, like I have a choice"
"Woaaa. daebak, Cho Kyuhyun is finally tweeting. You know how many fans that keep tweeting and bugging me to ask you to tweet something. Our company is daebak. They should do something similar to sungmni. man, that boy seems too scared to touch twitter"
"Ck, you just don't know who have been using my twitter these whole time" kyuhyun mumble to himself
"No, nothing. anyway hyukjae hyung, that's not the thing that pissing me off the most"
"Then what?"
"Just look it yourself" he shoved up his phone to hyukjae, showing him something on his phone
"Woaaaaa. Daebak, I think you're going to be on naver most search keyword today" hyukjae said in amusement and still scrolling over kyuhyun's phone screen.
"Yeah, I won't mind if I was there because SJ or I achieve something great, but this? I just hate it. That damn media just freaking put my name on every that seulgi girl article. It all SM fault"
"Why? that's not a big deal at all. you should know what I have been through last year"
"Yeah, that's a rough one for you hyung and I never see donghae hyung that sad before. But still, I don't like how they put my name on that, it makes me like some sort of playboy who like to chase many girls and the worst thing is I feel like I'm cheating on sungmin" he lowered his voice on the last part
Hearing that, eunhyuk can help but to laugh his dongsaeng silly thought
"What? Cheating? you got to be kidding me"
"Hyung, look at how they write my name. Seulgi's Kyuhyun girl, Seulgi kyuhyun secret girl, kyuhyun that, kyuhyun this. For god shake, can they just write that I’m a good sunbae promoting his hoobae? It doesn’t feel right, what if sungmin find out then he mad at me? What if sungmin won't talk to me again? And what if sungmin want to break up with me" the more kyuhyun speak, the more kyuhyun sound so desperate to hyukjae
"Damn this over thinking magnae. Your sungmin won't be mad, oh wait he can't be mad" eunhyuk mock kyuhyun "and I bet with all the bread on my mom bakery that Sungmin haven't see or will never see that article. For the love of god, that hyung live on a cage. he rearely goes online except updating his blog with bunch of his cute pictures"
“but…” when kyuhyun want to open his mouth a again, they heard the sound ‘ding’ which is the sign that somebody just unlock their door and about to go in and then a few second later they can see sungmin tired figure walking in inside the apartment.
Kyuhyun gulp nervously when he sees his lover and eunhyuk just pat his back then whisper “good luck with your worries magnae!” off he go to his room, not wanting so see any love quarrel that he actually predict will never happen, but it’s better to have the umbrella before it rains
“hey hyung, how’s your practice” kyuhyun asked some casual question and checking whether his boyfriend is mad or not
“It’s fine” he said after he finished drinking all the water from his mug “the show date is getting near, and I actually kind a stress about it” from the tone that he speak, sungmin seems not mad at him. Maybe he haven’t see the article yet just like what eunhyuk said. But kyuhyun better be prepare, he should treat his lover super nice just in case he sees the article later so he won’t be that mad to him
“you should get some rest” kyuhyun now is standing behind sungmin and start massaging his shoulder
“owh… that’s good kyu. Yes, I’m thinking to get some sleep after I wash up”
“do you want to eat anything before?”
“no, I’m fine. I just eat with the others when they get back”
It’s night time already, after eating dinner with the other members now sungmin is lazily sit on their living room sofa while watching the re-run of the latest episode of Reply 1994 that currently airing with sweets on his hand and kyuhyun who is voluntarily massaging his foot. It feels like heaven. Speaking of the younger boy, something doesn’t seem right today with him. As far as sungmin remember, his dearly boyfriend has been unbelievably nice today, far from the snarky lazy brat he usually is. He just keep massaging his body ever since he went home, he make sungmin warm honey tea to drink before he sleep which he only did when sungmin is sick then he sings him to sleep, now he is massaging his feet without being asked. Sungmin know his brat boyfriend too well, and he knew that from his behavior today, kyuhyun is hiding something from him.
“Okay Cho Kyuhyun, spill it up!”
Kyuhyun who seriously massaging sungmin’s feet gasp, and his expression shows like he just have been busted with something
“wh..what did you mean?” but kyuhyun still play dumb, pretending that he don’t have any idea what sungmin is talking about
“oh come on kyu, I know you so well, and I do believe you have something to hide”
“he is worried about the article sungmin hyung! ” shout eunhyuk who still seriously watching the TV not far from where he is sitting right now
“oh, shut up hyukjae hyung!”
“what article?” sungmin seems clueless with all the thing that eunhyuk mean
“It’s just that stupid media who put my name on all over seulgi’s article”
“seulgi? The trainer in our company”
Kyuhyun just nods slowly “I swear, it all SM fault hyung. I have nothing to blame here. Blame SM for all of this”
Kyuhyun still can’t read what on sungmin’s mind. His face expression shows nothing, he doesn’t seem mad but he doesn’t seems okay either. Only a confusion that shown on his face.
“here, this is what your boyfriend have been worried about” out of nowhere hyukjae hand him a phone which shows bunch of article that kyuhyun also showed him earlier that day
The time when sungmin’s eyes finally left from the phone screen, kyuhyun already hug his leg and plead for the sin that he probably didn’t make
“ming, I swear it was all our company fault. I swear, there are nothing going on with that trainer girl, I’m just being a good sunbae. Our company even keeps bugging me to tweet something about them. Please forgive me”
Sungmin just chuckle seeing his boyfriend cute attitude.
“kyu~ it’s like you’re a newbie on our company. He always like to make a scandal before releasing something knew. And I do believe that nothing is going on between you and that girl, unless there is something going on between you and that seulgi” sungmin gave an intimidate tone on the last sentence
“no, no, ming! I swear, I always been faithful to you. I love you so much until it hurts me if I ever cheat from you. I swear, I a one man man”
“alright then” sungmin pinching his cheeks “you have been a really good boy today, and I think you deserve a reward”
“uuhh.. I like the word reward” he said huskly in sungmin’s ear while his hand is already roaming around the older man waist
“how about, tonight?”
“Yah!” eunhyuk throw a pillow couch to them “get a room you two!”

Based on Kyuhyun's recent tweet

Tags: fics: oneshot, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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