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D'Artagnan Couple

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: Eunhyuk)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, YAOI, Random
Genre: Oneshot
Summary: When fans imagination is about to come true

Based on Sungmin's recent interview

“Woaaaaa…. Our fans are genius” sungmin awed with amazement when he sees a pic that a fan sent to Kyuhyun’s twitter. Yes, it’s have been sungmin habit for logging on Kyuhyun twitter, just for checking out what have been going on with their fans or something just randomly tweeting something just for not shouting our his or should he says kyuhyun existence on the SNS world, because he just stupidly forgot his twitter password, but thanks to his boyfriend who kindly allow him to use his twitter whenever he want.

“Kyuhyun-ah~” he run as fast as he can to the younger boy room, eagerly want to show him what he just found on the internet. But when he got there, he found the younger boy eyes glue to his laptop screen and he knew for sure that is going to be hard to get kyuhyun attention for something that below 8 for him, but being a smart boyfriend he is, he comes with a brilliant idea.

“Yah! Cho Kyuhyun! How dare you cheat on me? Who the hell is this pretty girl here?” he try to sound really mad, but still being the Lee Sungmin he is, no matter how hard he try to curse and being unbearable mad, still his face is full of cuteness.

But that little shout seems attract kyuhyun attention, even just a bit “what? What girl? I never cheat on you hyung” he said, but he still haven’t leave his eyes from the game

“see for yourself!” sungmin shove his phone to kyuhyun face still sounding yourself

“what the?” finally, with a heavy heart kyuhyun stop his game and turn his attention to the picture on sungmin’s phone that the older man just accused him for cheating on sungmin. “hey, this is from my musical. I am not cheating ming, this is my… oh wait, this is you!”

Just like that sungmin’s grumpy face turn into a shy giggle “I know, I only said that just to get your attention. Our fans is genius right?’

“yeah, totally. And I think you’re more beautiful than all of my co-star on all the musical that I played”

Sungmin just smile shyly after hearing the compliment that came out from his lover mouth “really? Even Sunny?”

“oh ming, you are much much prettier than her. Even Hyuna is losing to you”

“hey, you know what? Manager hyung said, the director from Three Musketer looking for a new player and manager hyung said I should go for the audition”

“really? That’s great, you should go hyung. I’m sure that you got the role that I played before”
Sungmin shook his head, “I don’t want to be the D’artagnan, I want to be..” he whisper the rest on kyuhyun’s ear

“really?” kyuhyun seems surprised, “but..”

“and If I got the role I going to make them to take you back”

“seems a great idea”

*few months later*

“I can’t believe it!” as soon as he got into their apartment, sungmin sulk into the sofa beside kyuhyun who currently busy munching up some ramyeon that he cooked last night

“why? What’s wrong”

“I’m just mad kyu~” he hug the younger boy and snuggle his head into his chest

“The director just said that I got the D’artagnan role”

“really? That’s great” kyuhyun put his hand around sungmin’s waist and he cuddle sungmin up a little bit closer

“then we could be d’artagnan couple”

“no… I don’t want to be d’artagnan. I want to be contance, but the director said that I can’t play a girl role” he puff his cheek “you know right kyu, I’m the best at crossdressing beside Heechul and Shindong hyung. Even so many people said I’m much prettier than the girl group members. Playing a girl is my thing, I even cross dress on 3 of our Super Show. 3 kyu! I’m the best at it” he pouted

Kyuhyun just chuckle hearing all the complain that sungmin just told him,

“hey, why are you laughing? Isn’t that great if I get the contance role and you play d’artagnan again”

“yes it is a great idea, but I’m worried that if you play contance you’re co-star will be all man, and what if those man start to fall for you”

“but, I kissed a girl on my last musical”

“I know, but I’m sure that you got nothing with girls”

“awww. Is my kyu baby jealous?”

“yes! Now, let’s just be d’artagnan couple, okay?” kyuhyun pecks sungmin lips
Sungmin nods, because he perfectly understand what kyuhyun worries is

“but we can be d’artagnan and contance couple in the bedroom even more hotter than what our fans imagine” then he whisper sexily on sungmin’s ear

a/n: Sorry if this fic is totally random.
This is the pic that they have been talking about


Picture not mine, credit to the owner

Tags: fics: oneshot, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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