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Accident [Chapter 6]

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & HanChul)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Genderswitch (Girl! Min)
”We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

"Oh crap!" The young man curse and jump out his bed after he look at his alarm clock and it says 08:30 in digital. Which means he was one hour late behind his schedule to wake upon daily weekdays "great kyuhyun, who told you to play starcraft till' down. Now I'm late" he said to himself while preparing to take a quick shower in the bathroom.

Is the same scene as yesterday when he arrives at the kitchen. Sungmin, cooking the breakfast for them just like what a housewife do, but they actually aren’t on any kind of relationship together.The only difference with this morning are the fried rice which serve on the table instead of pancake and the brand new pink apron that hugging her front body.
"Morning kyuhyun sshi" a warm smile and greeting come from her mouth when she saw the young man entering the kitchen
"You cooked again?" He asked and went to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water
"I told you yesterday; at least this is what I can do to repay you for letting me stay at your house. Are you mad?"
"No.. it's good that finally my kitchen is been used for cooking properly. Where did you get the ingredients?"
“Oh. We brought it yesterday, remember?”
“Oh yes. I guess I better get going. I’m late already” he said while finishing his water in the bottle
“wait! You didn’t eat your breakfast?” a hint of slightly disappointment shown across sungmin’s face and it makes kyuhyun feel bad
”hemmm” kyuhyun nervously hold his nape “I’m sorry,,, I’m kind a late for work. I should get going now”
“but... You should at least take this. I made this for you” Sungmin thrusts a blue lunch box to kyuhyun
“okay.. Thanks” Kyuhyun take the lunch box with him, didn’t want to make another disappointment to the girl “I’ll get going now”
“oh. When will you get home?” sungmin asked before the boy leave the house “Just asking to make sure what time I prepare the dinner”
“eeemmm. Maybe around 7” Kyuhyun said while checking out his wrist watch “I’ll get going now” and the last thing kyuhyun saw before he close his apartement door is Sungmin figure still wearing her pink apron waving a goodbye for him.
“hey lover boy”
“wh..what? hey hyung, since when did you came?” he asked the older boy who comfortably seat in front of his desk with a teasing smile on his face.
“10 minuteago, I’ll just came back from the site. You’ll notice me, if you aren’t too busy day dreaming about that cute girl”
“hey.. I’m not day dreaming about Sungmin”
“I didn’t say any name, but you said it yourselves”
“for your information, I’m in the middle of searching an idea for our next project”
“blah.. blah whatever. Speaking of sungmin, seems like it’s wasting my time for asking you out for lunch today” Yesung’s eyes land on the blue lunch box that located on Kyuhyun’s side desk
“Oh that” he said while following where Yesung’s eyes on “it’s just.. well, sungmin said this some sort of repayment from her to me as allowing her to stay at my place”
“ooooo. Something is going on between you two” Yesung cooed
“Hyung, it’s not like that. She and just just... well, it’s complicated case actually and you know it hyung”
“you should start to getimg used to ‘wife’ treatment by now”
“wi..wife? what the hell you mean hyung?” and yet, the older boy is already up from his seat and get ready to leave “Yah! Hyung! Where are you going?”
“ca cao.. I’m going to ask ryeowook for lunch with me. You should enjoy your homemade lunch by the wife of yours” yesung said, before he disappearing from the closed door
“aishhhh. That hyung, he always love to tease me”

Tags: fics: accident, genderswitch, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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