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Accident [Chapter 7]

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & HanChul)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Genderswitch (Girl! Min)
”We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

It’s been more than a week since Sungmin came and live in with Kyuhyun. And it’s also been a week or so that Kyuhyun started getting use for having someone in his house, someone who cleaned his house beside his mother who usually came twice a week, someone who cooked and packed him lunch everyday and that makes Yesung jealous, someone who sent him off to work with a smile and wait for him to come home with the same smile, someone who he wantsto labeled as best wife candidateroommate everand literally someone who have been taking care of him.
It was one fine day, just like any other day for the past one week. Kyuhyun is riding his Night Blue A8 straight from work to home while listening to some random Christmas song since the holiday is getting near with a slight smile in his face and a piece of happy thought that someone is waiting for him at home and probably with a fine home cooked dish for dinner.
But, when kyuhyun finally ride the elevator on his way up to his floor, some strange feeling lingering inside his mind and kyuhyun try to ignore it. That strange feeling is finally making sense when Kyuhyun find an empty apartment right when he arrives. Yes, empty as he mean that no one is there at the moment except him, and no one is there to welcome him, the one that kyuhyun have been expecting to see is nowhere to be seen around the apartment.
‘Where is she?’ kyuhyun thought ‘Is she gone? Did she gain her memory back, so she went home?’
But kyuhyun frown when he sees all sungmin’s things is still there, untouched. ‘where is she?’ Many bad thought starting to feel kyuhyun’s mind but he must stay possitive ‘maybe she just went for a walk. Yeah, yeah, she just went for a little walk around the neighborhood. I should wait for her a little while’ Kyuhyun try to cheer himself up.
But two hours had passed, and it getting darker and colder outside. Kyuhyun glance at time on his phone, it’s past 7. ‘where should she be right now’ kyuhyun wonder on his mind.
“I should give her a call” but something just hit him that very moment “damn, I don’t even know her number and did she really have a cell phone?” he slap his forehead hard
“I should give ryeowook a call since she might be with her”
_after a few rings, finally somebody picked up the phone_
Kyuhyun raised one of his eyebrows after hearing a man voice over the line “yesung hyung?”
“yup.. what’s up bro!”
“where is ryeowook?”
“oh, she’s on the kitchen, preparing our dinner. Why?”
“so, she’s on your house right now? Which is mean sungmin is not with her? “
“yes, why?”
“hyung, have you or probably ryeowook sees sungmin around today?”
“nope, and I think it goes same with ryeowook. Why?”
“damn” kyuhyun curse to himself “she’s been missing for almost three hours now”
“relax kyu, maybe she just wandering around. You know, maybe she’s bored staying at home for a whole day long” Yesung said with no sign of anxiety from his tone
“hyung, it’s been three fucking hours or more since she’s missing and her things is still here in my house and she’s probably didn’t even remember the way to my house. What do you thing is happening to her? She must lost hyung” now kyuhyun voice starting to panic
“....... emm you got a point kyu” Yesung seems still absorbing what the younger man just said “who is that hun?” ryeowook voice audible from the back
“oh, it’s kyuhyun, babe. He said, sungmin is missing, it’s been nearly three hours since she’s missing”
“OH MY GOD. SUNGMIN IS MISSING” finally, Yesung came in his sense
“Ryeowook-ah, are you sure you didn’t see her around today”
Ryeowook who seems already take over the phone from her fiancé’s hand answer “no, I don’t. Kyu, we should find her. She maybe lost somewhere and it’s already dark outside”
“I planning to right now. Just call me when you see her and I’ll do vice versa” and by that he hung up the call and hurriedly grab his jacket and other necessary things he need and went out from his apartment.
It’s been 30 minutes since Kyuhyun wondering around the street with his car, searching for a certain someone who almost make kyuhyun’s crazy just because her suddenly disappearance tonight.
“damn it, where is she?” he saidfrustrate while banging his steering wheel with his hand
‘what if something bad happen to her, what if she get another car accident, what if some drunken man disturb her what worse it rape her’
Those bad thought starting to fill kyuhyun’s mind again, don’t know what to do if ever one of those thought are coming to reality.
After a long frustration sigh and endless searching with a hopelessly result,finally just about to time when kyuhyun want to give up and pray, a glimpse of familiar figure seen sitting inside the bus stop.
‘could it be?’ kyuhyun asked himself. That brown hair, that familiar clothes, that familiar figure. ‘Please god. Please let it be her’
Kyuhyun park his car not too far from the bus stop, and he slowly walk closer to the bus stop just like a creepy stalker. Hoping that his pray for these past few hours is answered, he slowly tap the girl shoulder “sungmin?”
Just when the girl turn to face him, kyuhyun face light up with joyment but with so many mix up emotion fill inside him
“Gosh... Where have you been? You know how freaking worried I am when you weren’t home when I get back, and I don’t have any clue where would you been, and you didn’t have a freaking cell phone with you” kyuhyun said with a loud tone that almost earning attention from all the people around them.
But seeing sungmin scared face making him feel bad for scolding her like a little girl “look, I’m sorry okay. I just panicked” he said with a way more soft tone than before
“no, I’m the one who should say sorry. I make you worried” she shook her head
“come on, you must be cold” he put his coat around her shoulder like a true gentleman “let’s talk on the car”
“hem.. yeah.. She’s with me now”
“She’s okay, don’t worry. Maybe you should come tomorrow, it’s already late”
“uh huh.. yeah.. bye hyung”
“It’s Yesung hyung and ryeowook” he said to the girl who sit quietly beside him on the front seat after hanging up the call “they help me looking for you”
“I’m sorry” it was the first word that came out from sungmin’s mouth since they ride the car
Kyuhyun sigh “you should asked me to accompany you to stroll around”
“I was afraid that you’re busy”
“I can spare my time if you want me to accompany you. After all, it is my job to take care of you until you finally recover”
“ you don’t need too. You, giving me a place to stay and a food to eat is more than enough for me, you’ve done so much for me, I just don’t know how to repay your kindness kyuhyun-sshi”
Somewhat kyuhyun just feel terribly awful after what sungmin had just said. ‘kind?’ ‘more like paying my sin to you’ kyuhyun said inside his mind
“So, what are you looking for? I mean, why did you decide to stroll around?” kyuhyun try to change the topic
“oh that, this morning I kind a have my memory back and it’s mainly on the street, so I decide to stroll around for a minute maybe it will help me remember more clearly. But I guess, being a careless person I am, I just follow where my feet going until I realize I didn’t even know where am I and I didn’t even know how to get back to your apartment also the address. So, there I am, ending up on the bus stop looking at the route hoping for a miracle for a slight memory how to get back home and I just can’t express my happiness when you found me, I thought I was going to sleep on the street tonight”
Kyuhyun just chukkle after listening to sungmin’s story. Poor girl, getting lost in the middle of the big city.
“well, if that the case, I do deserve a present then?”
“present?” sungmin turn her body to face kyuhyun who currently driving beside her “but, I don’t have any money to buy you present”
Kyuhyun let another chuckle from sungmin cute statement
“you know, present doesn’t need to be bought. It also can be make”
“hemmm... you’re right, what you I give you” she said in almost a whisper and tap her point finger under her chin slowly “ah!” now she raise his point finger “I Know, I should cook your favorite dish”
“and what’s my favorite dish is?” he asked, curiously if the girl know his favorite dish is
“Spicy pork chops!”
“eh... how did you know?”
“well, I have my way”
“you sneaky” he side eyed her
“now, let’s off to the grocery store... Let’s buy the ingredients, and you pay for it”
“Yah! I thought it was supposed to be my present”
“yes, I know. I said I’m going to cook you pork chops, but I didn’t say anything about buying the ingredients”
Didn’t want this little cute fight to last longer, Kyuhyun just gave up and yield to this girl beside him “ay ay! Whatever you want chef”

Tags: fics: accident, fics: chaptered, genderswitch, kyuhyun, pairing: hankyung/heechul, ryeowook, sungmin, yesung
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