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Accident [Chapter 8]

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & HanChul)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Genderswitch (Girl! Min)
”We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

This morning, kyuhyun woke up with a very terrible headache. His throat is aching and he feels so weak. With a heavy heart he drag his body away from his bed to the bathroom cause he remember that today he has an important meeting with a client,. After finishing his shower and making himself look presentable enough for work, he went out from bathroom to the dining room hoping to find something edible and warm enough to ease this terrible headache.
Just like any other morning, a warm smile and sweet morning greeting welcome him at the dining room, but the smile didn't last long cause soon enough it change to slight worried look.
"Kyuhyun-sshi, omg, are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Why are you so worried anyway" he sat on the dining room and slowly drinks a glass of water in front of him hoping for the awful headache will lessen a bit.
"But.. you look so pale"
Of course even kyuhyun already trying to look very presentable, still his pale face can't be hide from whoever will see him.
"I'm fine, don't worry" he shrugs it off and trying to look tough in front of the girl.
"Are you sure?" Sungmin still hesitate after seeing the horrible state of the man in front of her, not long after that kyuhyun stumble after trying to get up from his seat and as fast as the lighting, sungmin already stand beside kyuhyun helping him to sit back again
"Omg, kyuhyun-sshi. You have a fever" sungmin gaps after feeling kyuhyun burning skin on his forehead who she deliberately touch to check his condition
"I'm fine sungmin"
Kyuhyun still denied it, but deep inside he just feel so weak, like he will faint anytime.
"No, you're sick. You should just stay in bed" sungmin said in motherly tone.
"But, I have important meeting today"
"Work can wait, you’re sick and need some proper rest. You have to past through me if you ever want pass that front door" sungmin said in demanding tone, and this is the new side of her that kyuhyun just see.
"Ck.. like your body big enough to guard the door" kyuhyun try to joke
"I'm being serious here, I’ll do anything that I can to stop you. now go to bed. I'll bring you some medicine and warm soup for you to eat later"
Not wanting to argue more, kyuhyun obediently walk into his bedroom.
20 minutes later, sungmin walk in with a tray full of food and medicine in his hand.
"Kyuhyun?" she said in a low tone, afraid to disturb the sleeping man inside the bedroom, but apparently kyuhyun who have been lying in his bed for 20 minutes still can't doze off to the dreamland.
"Oh, sungmin-sshi"
"You're awake? I bought you some food and medicine"
"Yeah, can't get any sleep. This headache is just too awful" he trying to get into sitting position
"Here, let me help you" sungmin is helping him settling a comfortable position after she put the tray on the table "are you comfortable enough?" She asked like a caring nurse and kyuhyun just nod slowly "here, eat this while it still warm" she put the tray right above kyuhyun's lap and kyuhyun start to eat the porridge slowly with the rest energy that he have.
After finishing half of the food, sungmin help him to drink his medicine and put him to sleep, he just too tired and couldn't think anything straight at the moment.
"Sleep well kyuhyun-sshi" sungmin said while tugging kyuhyun's blanket to cover his body
"Wait" he grab the girl hand just before she was going to leave "don’t leave. stay" He mumble slowly 'what the hell are you saying kyu? she's not your mother or girlfriend. This sick mind starting to get weirder' he shout in his mind
Sungmin stunned for a while but it turn to a soft smile in a second "okay, I’ll stay here" sungmin drag a chair beside kyuhyun’s bed showing to the man that she’s not leaving anywhere “now, go to sleep" then off he go to the dreamland.
It's already dark when kyuhyun is awake, seems like he sleep for a long time cause the time is showing 3:00 AM. He feel a lot of better now, seem the fever is gone and the headache isn't bad like this morning. Thanks to sungmin slight nag about taking a plenty rest and her magic porridge which is felt really good inside his stomach even though he didn't really finished it all cause the headache and fever who successfully make his appetite gone. Speaking of sungmin, 'where is she anyway?' Kyuhyun thought, right before he get up to find the said girl, his lips forms a soft smile spotting a sleeping figure on one of the sofa in his bedroom. Even the only source of light in his bedroom right now is his night lamp, but he 100% sure that the person who peacefully sleeping on the sofa is none other than lee sungmin ‘so, she really is staying here’ he thought. He takes an extra blanket from his closet and tip toed to the sleeping girl, afraid to waking her up and put the blanket around her body. He stare at her for a while, seeing her peaceful face make him smile again, remembering how worried she was when she found out that he have a fever and the way she threatened him if he still insist to go to work, make him chuckle. The way she took care of him make kyuhyun feel loved, even Jessica or his other ex girlfirend never treat him like that and then his memory flew to the time how sungmin took care of him this morning and how she keep her promise to not leave his side. Remembering all this make kyuhyun feel something weird happen on his stomach and his heart beat faster. Never in his entire life he felt something like this, he shrug his weird feeling
'Maybe I should take more sleep' he said to himself, before he doze off he make a mental note to do something for sungmin as a thankful gift.

Tags: fics: accident, fics: chaptered, genderswitch, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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