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Accident [Chapter 9]

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & HanChul)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Genderswitch (Girl! Min)
”We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

Ever since sungmin missing incident, Kyuhyun just more ‘what it says’ protective to her, even he start to have this weird feeling whenever he see or think about her. He brought Sungmin a new cell phone last Sunday, even that the girl hardly resist and telling him that she didn’t really need it that much since she barely know anyone except kyuhyun and all the close people around him, but still kyuhyun insist to give the phone to her just in case is an emergency like the last time she was missing because she didn’t have anyone to call for help. Well, after another little argument Sungmin finally willing to accept it, and now it’s like a strange new hobby that every two hours he will text her asked her what’s she’s doing or did she need anything, etc.
“ehem” yesung fake cough, in order to get the younger man attention who seems really attach with his phone lately.
“oh, hyung. You’re here”
“Yes I am just came from the construction site, and here I am to inform you that the owner demanding a few change to the building”
“aren’t you going to do it know?”
“later” his eyes still fix on his phone screen
“yah Cho Kyuhyun! You surely are getting crazier day by day with Sungmin” Yesung hit straight to the point
“What? I did not”
“yeah, says someone who act like a love struck teenager who’ve been smiling to his phone almost for a whole freaking day”
Just before kyuhyun want to throw another word, his phone ring. And surprisingly the girl who has been texting with him for the past few minutes is the one who’s calling him right now.
“hemmm. Not really”
“What?” kyuhyun seems shocked “okay, I’ll be there in a minute”
“something wrong?” yesung asked right after his cousin hung up the call “you seemed so shock”
“mom is there. I mean my mom is on my apartment right now”
“oh, you’re doomed cousin”
“I’ll got to go hyung”
“tell me what happen, later Ok!”
Kyuhyun only wave one of his hand before disappearing through the door.
Yes, indeed the old lady on her late 50s with short black hair and green sweater who’s sitting comfortably on his living room sofa with so not pleased expression is his mother, cho kyuhyun mother. He was excepting a sudden visit from his mother, but not this soon because he haven’t prepare any explanation that he definitely need about sungmin later.
“did you talk you her?” kyuhyun whisper to sungmin as soon as he saw his mother figure in his house
Sungmin shook his head slowly
“I’m too scared. Sorry. I just serve her a glass of orange juice and we just stay in silent the whole time”
“I’ll go talk to her”
“Mom~” kyuhyun hug and greet his mother as soon as he enter the living room with a cheerful expression
“Son!” she hug kyuhyun back
“did you wait long?” he sit beside his mother
“not really, I expect you are at work on this hour and honestly I just really want to check up on your apartment and I guess I found the reason why you told me to not come to your apartment anymore for these past few weeks” she said with ‘who the hell is she’ look
Kyuhyun gulped ‘damn, I doomed now’ he shout in his mind “he he” he let out an awkward laugh “let me properly introduce her to you”
“me?” sungmin said with wide eyes to kyuhyun who already standing infront of her “but..but, what will you gonna say to your mom about me? You’re not gonna say I’m just a random girl who lost her memory and you kindly let me stay in your place do you?”
“of course not, just come out, I think I have an aceptable reason”
Perceive that she had no choice, sungmin follow kyuhyun to the living room and sat beside him right in front of his mother with her head hung low.
"Mom, this is sungmin" he introduced her and then kyuhyun grip sungmin's hand tightly "she's my girlfriend"
Obviously, shock expression is written on the ladies face
"Girlfriend, since when?" Kyuhyun's mom said, still can't believe what her son just said.
On the other hand, sungmin actually have a lot of question to ask to kyuhyun, but feeling kyuhyun tight grip on her hand, she immediately understand what kyuhyun intention is and decide to play along.
"Annyeonhaseyo mrs.cho" sungmin said with a polite bow
"We've been dating since a month a go, I really want to introduce her to you and dad, but I haven't find the perfect timing for it. I love her mom, I really do. she makes me special, she put my heart who already torn apart with Jessica into one and now it even beat more faster, she's special and I really love her and I'm willing to do anything to protect her and our relationship" he said while staring deep into sungmin's eyes and still holding the girl hand.
The two ladies stunned for a moment again, and there is something weird in sungmin stomach, her heart is beating faster now and she also secretly wish that what kyuhyun said is actually true while mrs.cho expression change into worried one
"how about the.."
"Engagement?" Kyuhyun cut his mom "mom," he circle his hand around sungmin shoulder now and make her more close to him
"please, I love sungmin very much, I think she’s the one, and she also make me forget about Jessica. can you please turn the engagement off?"
'Wow, I'm killing two birds in one stone' he shout in joy inside his mind.
didn't have any heart to decline her lovely son plea, her mother finally agree to call off the engagement and try to talk to her friend about it.
Kyuhyun's mother stay for another half an hour in kyuhyun's apartment, trying to get to know her son girlfriend more, she even said that sungmin's face remind her of someone, it feels like her face is already familiar to her. And thanks to their great cooperation, they successfully made up some story about sungmin's life which is she just graduate college now looking for a job, they meet through ryeowook cause sungmin is her best friend and so on and 30 minutes getting know the girl, she already hooked up with sungmin sweet personality, she even personally invite sungmin to their Christmas party next week which impress kyuhyun since his mom rarely invite other people beside their only family and close friends, even Jessica never get invited.

Tags: fics: accident, fics: chaptered, genderswitch, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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