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Accident [Chapter 10]

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings:Kyuhyun/Sungmin (side: YeWook & HanChul)
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Genderswitch (Girl! Min)
”We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason”

"I can believe we get through that" kyuhyun sigh in relief after sending a goodbye to his mom
"Me too" sungmin said
"We should get an Oscar for that"
"But kyuhyun-sshi, why did you said that I'm your girlfriend to your mother?"
"That.." kyuhyun paused a second, "well, girlfriend is not the most acceptable reason right now" he actually don't know why he said that, it just came out from his mouth, just like all the story that he tell earlier about how much he love sungmin.
Sungmin just nod.
"You didn't mind did you?" kyuhyun asked
She shook her head and wave her hand "no, I don't mind at all"
"So, you like me now?" kyuhyun asked in teasing tone but he secretly hoping it was a serious conversation between them.
Sungmin face heat up "no, not that. I mean, I like you as a person for what you have done to me this whole time, and I didn't mind to play along being your fake girlfriend in front of your mother cause it’s another way to reply your kindness"
kyuhyun heart fell a little, he was bit disappointed with what sungmin had said and also feels really guilty towards the girl 'if only you knew the truth'
after that, the situation became a little bit awkward between them so sungmin is trying to break the ice
"So, you're engaged?"
"You're engaged?" Sungmin repeated her question
"Well, it's long story though, my mom hook me up with her friend daughter but I guess it won't happen since I call it off, I even haven't meet the girl yet"
"Poor girl, she's been rejected, even before the meeting" sungmin sound a little pity towards the girl, but deep inside her mind she just feel relieved that kyuhyun had call off the engagement.
"Oh, anyway kyuhyun sshi, who's Jessica?"
Sungmin was debating with herself whether to ask this question or not, but in the end her curiosity had won.
"Oh, she's just a girl. My ex to be exact, we broke up 4 months ago, she's the one who cause my mom to engaged me to her friend’s daughter" he said, with an emotionless face. "Why did you ask about her?"
"Just asking, you said her name when you talk to your mom. I'm just curious, nothing more"
"Are you possibly jealous?" Kyuhyun tease her more, now he starts walking towards the girl
"Kyuhyun-sshi, why are you coming closer?" She said a bit nervous and her feet move back as kyuhyun get closer to her
"Kyuhyun sshi? We should get rid of the formal greeting now since you’re my girlfriend" kyuhyun ignore the question
"What? Girlfriend?"
"Yes, you're agree to play along" now sungmin is trap between kyuhyun body and the wall "how about you call me oppa?"
"Wha...t" sungmin face is already heat up and her heart is beating madly, their face is getting more closer and closer is like kyuhyun is ready to kiss her, sungmin close her eyes and expecting something happens between them, but kyuhyun burst into a laugh
"You should see your face"
"yah! Kyuhyun sshi!" Feeling humiliate by the man, sungmin push him out of her way and ran into her bedroom.
meanwhile kyuhyun who've been left at the living room broke down on the couch 'Damn, what am I thinking? I was about to kiss her for freaking real' he shout inside his mind, I should really get back to work.

Tags: fics: accident, fics: chaptered, genderswitch, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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