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One Main Reason

Tittle: One Main Reason
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Genre: Fluff (?), Romance
Warning: Unbeta-ed,YAOI [Boy X Boy]
Summary: Kyuhyun is on a big dilemma when Sungmin ask him to write a list about the reason why he love him.

“What kind an assignment is that?” grunt one young man with a brown messy hair “What is Love” he repeat the title of his assignment that he just receive with a very annoyed tone, of course he said it in front of his friend not his professor or else he will repeat this subject on the next semester.
“That must be professor 'Do Min Joon' doing right?” yesung, who is one year senior than him asked
“I swear, I never take his literature class again next semester”
“Then, you should do good. I heard that he have no mercy for his students” yesung add again “he did not hesitate to failed that actress Cheon SongYi last year”
“But, how the hell am I going to finished that? I don't even really understand the topic, that's not my thing. I'm done!”
“Kyu!” a cute guy with blonde hair wearing a pink shirt and beige pants sit next to him on the campus cafeteria
“Ming!” kyuhyun happily greet the smaller boy who happen to be his boyfriend for two year
“Do you remember the assignment that professor Do give us just a moment a go?” yes, sungmin is on that class too. Speaking the truth, sungmin is the main reason why he is taking that literature class this semester, hell. It doesn't really match his major as a computer engineering student at all, but he couldn't say no for the love of his life.
“Hemm” is the only thing that came out from his mouth while his finger is busy playing with sungmin’s bangs
“We should make one for our self!”
Kyuhyun hand drop so does his face
“You should write a list the reason why you love me and so do I, we should give it to each other on our 2nd anniversary two weeks later”
Kyuhyun just stare at his boyfriend with a blank face and sungmin take that as a yes.
“Okay, I should go to my next class. Bye kyu~” he kiss his cheek, not minding Yesung and Eunhyuk presence there “I love you~” then he go before kyuhyun could give his own opinion about the idea just sungmin just told him. And it always likes that, he who can't resist his cute boyfriend.
“Guys, I'm doomed” he said to his two friends with a horror look and he only get a friendly tap from both of them.

For the past week, kyuhyun have been working out his brain. He is trying put everything he can inside the paper for his assignment from professor Do. After so many blood and sweat he finally accomplish the paper right on the day where he have to hand them, he have to be proud of himself for getting B+ in that. Now, there is another assignment waiting for him to be done. The reason why he loves his boyfriend list which is given by the lover himself.
His torture is not done yet, now he has to think and search high and low to be able to finish the list. He even brace himself and swallow his pride to ask an advice from his so called love expert friend Heechul hyung but ending up listening to all his love problem with his long distance Chinese boyfriend. He gets so nervous when sungmin ask him about the list, the other boy seems expecting so much from that simple list and that is making him feel more uneasy about that. Not that he didn't have a thing to write as the reason why he love sungmin, hell yeah there are so much thing about that and a 100 pages is not enough for him to write down the list. It's about the anxiety with sungmin expectation. What if the thing that he wrote is making him upset, what if the thing that he write didn't reach up his expectation, what if and what if. Too many worries creep into kyuhyun’s mind. He love sungmin so much so that he want everything he do to be perfect for his boyfriend, that's why he took this simple assignment more serious than ever.
“Just write anything for god shake! you're starting to annoy me” ryeowook who apparently seat in front of him said in a sacrastic voice when they have their lunch together at the campus cafeteria
“Yeah, I agree with what ryeowook said” yesung who sit next to ryeowook defend his boyfriend, they both just can't take seeing his friend stress face over the week.
“But, what if he didn't like it?”
“Oh brother, he will love everything you do for him. Can’t you see that he is madly in love with you?” ryeowook once again is trying to help his friend out from his dilemma on his own way
“As your hyung, I would like to give you an advice” yesung suddenly talk like a wise man, but he really do share some tips for the younger boy to take.
They have a really wonderful date on their anniversary day, sungmin is really happy because kyuhyun took him to eat all his favorite food and make the smaller boy complain cutely how long he have to jog after today to make the fat lessen from his body.
At the end of the day, they are now sitting on the swing side by side on the park where they first met three years ago. Sungmin is sipping his bubble tea happily when he remembers the list that they promise to give each other this day.
“Oh, kyu~ did you finish the list?”
Kyuhyun just nod nervously
“Yeay! I finish mine too. Here you go” he hand him a piece of pink envelope to him. He opens it, and see the list that he promise to make written in pink paper with colorful ink, typical sungmin's style.

The Reason Why I Love Kyuhyun
1. He's handsome
2. He have a great voice, he often sing me to sleep
3. He is really good at math
4. He often buy me my favorite food eventhought it makes me grow bigger :)
5. He give me so many pink plusshies
6. He smell nice,
7. He always let me win in anything, even in starcraft
8. He always take a good care of me, even that he have to miss something important
9. He is someone that I can rely on in anytime and anywhere
10. He is my everythingg. I Just can’t life without him.
Kyuhyun smile, a drop of tears almost roll from his eyes, he is very touch with everything that sungmin write in there.
“Now, can you show me yours?” His voice brings him to the reality.
“Oh right” he gave him a piece of paper that have been fold in his jeans pocket, it really different from what sungmin gave him and somehow it makes him a little embarrassed with himself.
Sungmin open the paper excitedly, hoping to read almost the same thing that he wrote to his boyfriend. But his face fell when he find nothing in the paper, it's a blank paper. He even flips it over and checks the both side, afraid that he miss anything, but still none. There is nothing in the paper. Sungmin then look at kyuhyun with a confused face that make the taller boy chuckle because every expression that he makes it always look cute in kyuhyun eyes.
“There is nothing” he showed him the blank paper “it's blank. There is nothing in it”
Kyuhyun just smile, then he kneel in front of sungmin who still sitting on the swing, he cups his cheek with both of his hand and caress it slowly.
“you should know that I'm not good at making those things. I'm a cocky and dull man. But, if you insist I could try my best to write it for you. But again, for me a piece of paper won't enough to write all the wonderful reason why I love you”

He paused a second to look at sungmin doe eyes who seems waiting for him to finish his word

“But, those are just merely the side reason because there is only one main reason why I love you”
kyuhyun put his face closer to him and make their noses touch each other “I Love you because its
YOU” he end his speech with sweet kiss on the lips, it wasn't one passionate kiss. It's just one simple and sweet kiss from two human being who love each other more than anything in this world.

“I Love You So Much” kyuhyun said when he broke the kiss

“Me too, Me too kyu”

Tags: fics: oneshot, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin
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