eunjo_yesung (eunjo_yesung) wrote,

I'll Melt You Down Like Ice Cream

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: KyuMin
Genre: AU
Warning: Unbeta-ed/Fail, YAOI
Summary: Based on sungmin's sexy performance of Hyuna Ice Cream on yesterday SS5 in Seoul. What would kyuhyun do after watching his boyfriend heating up the stage with those sexy performance?

Sorry if it was an EPIC FAIL. I Just want to share my imagination.

Tonight is a happy night, Super Junior just finished their opening show for their Super Show 5 world tour. Sungmin and Ryeowook are heading home after having a dinner party with all the Super Show staff. After bidding goodbye to the younger who now lived on the 12th floor, sungmin walks slowly to their dorm alone. Yes, he was alone cause as he remember hyukjae decide to sleep with donghae tonight at the other floor and the magnae is disappearing from his sight.
The pink lover guy is absolutely exhausted, after the endless practicing for the past few weeks for the concert finally he can take a proper rest tonight. He planned to take a long nice sleep after he finished take a long warm shower. He was really happy and satisfied about his performance tonight and yesterday, cause the fans seems really enjoy it especially his special performance that he dance to hyuna’s Ice Cream and of course crossed dressed after her, it makes the crowed went crazy even their junior EXO seems shocked about his performance.
After he finished taking a nice shower and laid on his bed on with his body facing the wall wearing his pink night gown, someone is sneaking over the boy rooms and quietly laid his tall body in sungmin’s him and wrap his hand on sungmin’s waist from behind.
“what kyu?”
“ming.. I want you…”
“kyu.. you’re drunk”
“nope. I’m sober enough to fuck you hard”
Sungmin’s face just became red after hearing the younger words, he turns his body to face the younger and slap the magnae chest playfully
“yah! We should do it tomorrow okay? I’m deadly tired right now. Aren’t you tired kyu?” asked sungmin
Kyuhyun just shook his head, “I never get tired if it comes to you” he said and start kissing sungmin’s neck “beside.. you know how hard to control myself for not jump after you on the stage and drag you down and fuck you hard when you dress up as hyuna and shaking the precious butt of yours like a little slut on stage?”
Sungmin giggle shyly “am I that tempting?”
“Of course, who can resist you if you act like a slut there? And you know what, for me you’re even more sexier than hyuna min. That’s why I bought you present” the magnae get up from bed and went to the shopping bag that he brought to sungmin’s room and shows the thing inside to sungmin
“Yah! You gotta to be kidding me” Sungmin jump out of his bed, and just all of sudden his tiredness is gone and replace with the worried feeling about what’s kyuhyun plan with the costume that he brought
“I just borrowed this sexy dress and wig from cordy noona, and you know what it took forever to persuade her so I can borrow this costume. So that’s why I went home late”
“what you want to do with it?” sungmin asked worriedly
And yet, the evil magnae give his lover a smirk “you know what I want… I want you to wear this tonight, just for me and dance to sexily while eating your favorite ice cream. I know you will look gorgeous even without the heavy makeup and the green contact lens“
Sungmin blushed so hard when kyuhyun mentioning his favorite ice cream while the magnae eyes is pointing at his big bulge
 “come on ming.. Hurry change. I know that you’re imagining sucking this ‘ice cream’ when you eat an ice cream on today performance”
For preventing the magnae to said another naughty words sungmin hurriedly take the costume and wig from kyuhyun’s hand and run to the bathroom outside to change.  After a couple minute, sungmin came in to his bedroom wearing his ‘Hyuna’ outfit complete with the wig and Kyuhyun mouth just hand open watching his boyfriend wearing the same outfit that he just wore for the concert last couple hours.
“wow ming.. wow… I didn't know you look sexier without any makeup on”
Sungmin just hung his head low because of the shyness
“now come here ming… I’ll let you eat your favorite ice cream” he said and walking closer to where sungmin is standing “Then after that, I’ll melt you down like ice cream”

And then, sungmin plan to have a good night sleep is ruined because of Cho kyuhyun.

a/n: Damn, how can he be prettier than girls and sexier than Hyuna.


Tags: fics: oneshot, kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, sungmin, super junior
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