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The Frowning Magnae

Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: YeWook, ninja! Kangin
Genre: AU, Fluff, Oneshot
Warning: Unbeta-ed,Fail, YAOI
Summary: Yesung just overly sensitive about his boyfriend sudden unpredictable mood change, and want to know the reason why?

It was the night after Super Junior successfully held their 5th concert from their debut. It was supposed to fill with lovely, happy and joyful atmosphere, but not for the eternal magnae. Ryeowook who just went down after they finished the dinner party with the member, manager and staff. He even didn't eat a lot at the party, and because he is the magnae *well sort of if kyuhyun was not there* everyone will surely gave their attention to him and overly sensitive about his unpredictable mood change.
"What's with the sulking face ryeonggu?" asked kangin, who's been like a father figure for the members and in charge to take care of the member while his partner and supposed to be the mother role of the group, Leeteuk is on the army.
"Nothing hyung. I'm just tired. do you want some late night snack?" He denied it without looking back at the older eyes and searching something good to eat at the kitchen.
"I'm good" kangin said and take a sit in front of the kitchen table so he can face the magnae clearly "you know that you can fool the other member, but me is an exception Kim Ryeowook"
"I said I'm fine hyung"
"What's fine if you have those frowning written on your face since we got back to the dorm. There must be something have been bothering you"
Ryeowook just sigh and stop whatever he was doing and look straight at kangin right in the eyes
"Hyung. Why don't you get some sleep? You must be tired after the concert since you haven't done this for a quite long time. I'm fine really. There is nothing to worry about" he said with a stern voice
"Okay.." afraid and worried of the eternal magnae unpredictable mood change, Kangin stood up and ready to make his way to his bedroom to take some rest but before he take a step to his bedroom he pat ryeowook shoulder lightly, "just remember wookie-ah. If you need someone to talk to or maybe a shoulder to cry on. Hyung always there for you. I mean, if you want to see me later, I'm on my bedroom. Just don't feel sorry, come to me if you need anything. okay?"
The magnae just nods his head "Thanks hyung" and look at his hyung until he disappears from his sight.
15 minutes later, ryeowook is still sitting on the dining table busy with his own thought and so not warm tea in his hand and there was a sound of door opening from their dorm front door that makes ryeowook back to his sense.
"What are you doing here?" Said ryeowook to the person who just came in.
Yesung is kind a shock hearing ryeowook voice from the kitchen, but still he expecting him still awake cause it was the main reason why he came to the dorm in the middle of the night "I'll come to see you. I'm going to sleep here tonight"
Hearing the latter answer, ryeowook just clicks his tongue and plats a smirk on his face. "You want some tea or coffee hyung?"
"Tea will be good"
"So what's make you come at this hour?" Once again the magnae asks while preparing a hot tea for the older
"I told you I want to see you and my Kim Ryeowook sense is telling me you've been sulking since you came home"
"Liar" ryeowook said while giving a cup of hot tea to yesung and sit facing him on the kitchen table
"must be Kangin hyung who call you"
The older just smile hearing his lover statement. "I'm worried about my own boyfriend, and kangin is also worried about you. So what's the matter wookie?"
"Nothing" ryeowook said while spooking his head slowly and avoiding the latter eyes.
“you’re the one who is lying here. Come on tell me what happen. You was really happy at the concert, you even can’t stop hugging me on stage” teased yesung playfully
“you also hug me tightly when I try to introduce KRY new song to the fans”
“but you like it don’t you? You even scolded kyuhyun for being too close to us”
Hearing what yesung said, ryeowook face turn bright red and cover his red face with his palm.
“our ryeowookie is shy~” yesung said with slight of laughter in his face. He get up from his seat, and come closer to where ryeowook is and sat next to him. “you don’t have to be shy” he then removed both ryeowook palm from his face and hug the younger
“shut up, I hate you” ryeowook mumble and buried his face deeper to yesung’s warm chest
“I love you too” yesung plant a kiss on top of ryeowook’s head “so, now can you tell me why are you in such a bad mood just a couple minutes a go?”
Ryeowook shook his head “can we just stay like this for a while?” he said with a pleading tone
“okay. As you wish princess”
They stay at the same position where ryeowook buried his head on yesung chest and the older just pat his lover back softly for about five minutes with no words from each other until ryeowook break the silent
“promise me you won’t laugh if I tell you this”
Hearing the younger voice, yesung stop stroking his back and grab the latter shoulder so he can look at ryeowook’s straight in his eyes. “I promise, now tell me”
Ryeowook back to his original position, “it’s about you actually”
Yesung raised his eyebrows “me? what did I do?”
“well… nothing actually. But I’m just devastated, and extremely sad the fact that you’re going to enlist in this short of time”
Yesung can feel the sad and depressing tone from his lover, he tighten the hug to the younger “we talk about this before and you was fine”
“I know. But as the time goes by, and the closer to the time when you enlist it making me more frustrated. It feels like a bride dilemma when she’s stressing about her wedding. What am I going to do without you for 2 fucking years”
Yesung chuckle, “so, that’s the reason why your mood suddenly went down and you were so touchy and huggy (?) with me on the stage yesterday?”
“Yes, we won’t be able to do that for the next 2 freaking years hyung! And you also in pain yesterday”
Yesung suddenly grab ryeowook’s head and pull him into a deep sweet kiss, “Thank you for concerning about me” and give the younger another peck “you know wookie, you don’t have to be that sad. I’m gonna do a public service, just like heechul hyung. I could always see you after my work hours are over. Just like we see heechul hyung. We see him everyday right? eunhyuk even tend to forget that he is on a military duty”
“really? You’re not serving as an active soldier like what kangin hyung and leeteuk hyung do?” ryeowook voice suddenly became more brighter than before “how come?”
“well. Turn up my body is not in that great condition, so they’ll put me on public service duty. Happy now?”
Ryeowook nods lightly “but still, doing world tour without you just… “
“shshs. Hey hey. You’ll do fine. Beside I already asked the fans to take care of you, and don’t forget about me”
“still.. its feel different”
“I’ll promise you we’ll make out or have sex every time the night after you went home from tour?” yesung said naughtily
“yah! I’m not that horny as eunhyuk hyung or kyuhyun! Why are you saying this kind a stuff?” ryeowook hit yesung chest softly
“but you like the idea don’t you?” yesung teased again, and now he start to plant a kiss on ryeowook neck and start roaming the younger body with his small hand“how about we do it now?” without hearing what ryeowook is going to answer yesung carried ryeowook bridal style into the younger bedroom.

“I think we should just cuddle to sleep tonight” ryeowook blurt out just before they go in to the bedroom, and as expected a loud groan can be heard from the older male.

a/n: On Sukira yesterday ryeowook said, he is weird because his mood is suddenly change unexpectedly, and because he is the magnae, so all the hyung gave their attention to him.
and I just really sad the fact about Yesung enlistment in this short of time, but at least I'm happy because we still going to see him a lot cause he will be doing Public Service duty.

Tags: fics: oneshot, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, rating: pg, ryeowook, yesung
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