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Joyful night

Wine anyone?

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31 January
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*I’m a Girl

*I’m in the middle of trying to find who I’m really is

*Nationality is not important as long as we share the same interest

*Age is just a number, I'm in my legal age

*I’m an ELF but not the mad one

*it’s obvious that I love Super Junior (OT15! Forever) but I also loves they cute junior, f(x)

*I believe that Yesung is my husband in my other life

*I'm in love with SHINee's leader, Onew because he seems so pure and real

*I like SM Town artist (except: EXO, cause they just too overwhelming)

*I always don’t get SNSD Music, except Taeyeon ballads song on various OST (Love it!)

*I always think that Super Junior treats f(x) like their own siblings (ex: Heechul and Sulli relationship, and f(x) always thankful to Super Junior for anything ^especially Sulli, Luna, and Victoria, and f(x) calls other SM senior by ‘sunbaenim’ but they calls Super Junior ‘Oppa’

*I think f(x) is closer to Super Junior from any other SM artist, and each of f(x) member have their own closest Oppa (Sulli – Heechul, Amber – Henry, Victoria – Kyuhyun, Luna – Eunhyuk, Ryeowook and Sungmin) [I don’t really know about Krystal]

*Sometimes I listen to other KPOP artist, but I don’t really follows them

*I like what other people don’t really gave interest in

*I’m in love with K-Indie (All Hail to 10cm, Standing Egg, Sweet Sorrow and Busker Busker!)

*I’m a big fan of FLUXUS Music artist, they music just awesome

*I love Urban Zakapa

*I feel like KPOP is just too mainstreaming *and I think is not a good thing*

*I’m in the middle of gaining my English skills to get a great IELTS score

*I’m a new writer and I’m trying my best to write good story to all the people who wants to read my story

*I find that bigger animal is one of the cutest of all the animals (I Love HIPPO)

*I don’t want to grows up

*I Ships Super Junior Pairing (HanChul, KyuMin, KangTeuk, YeWook, EunHae and Siwon as a cockbloker to all the couple)

*I don’t ships the f(x) couple (ex:Kryber) but I do Ships the f(x)-SHINee pairing as a couple (MinsTal, TaeSsul, LuNew, KeyBer, Victoria with the Kyu Line and Jjong with whoever he want)

*I love reading fanfics, either it’s YAOI one or a genderswicth one. I don’t mind at all.

*Most of the time, I’m just being a silent reader

*I’m fan of Running Man (Haroro JJang! Song Jihyo Manse!)

*I talk a lot

My heart just can't stand to see my OTP together

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